About Us

I’m a elementary school teacher in sunny San Diego, California. Since moving to this beautiful city, I’ve always loved the rustic, beachy atmosphere of the local stores and restaurants.

While looking for a jewelry organizer for my home, I found there were very few that matched my taste, so I set out on a mission to make my own! With the help of some friends, I designed and built my first rustic jewelry organizer and absolutely loved it! It was so well received by friends and family that I started making them as gifts.

Before I knew it, I could hardly keep up with demand! Not wanting to give up my love for teaching or making jewelry organizers, I began working with manufacturers to assist with production and recruited a few friends to help grow the project. The SoCal Buttercup name was born!

SoCal Buttercup has since expanded to multiple variations of the original jewelry organizer, as well as other beautiful products. Today, I continue my passion for teaching, organization, and inspiring others to live their best lives. I hope you enjoy our products!

Enjoy and Cheers!
Alyson Erickson, CEO