Coffee Mug Organizers

Make mug storage an art form

Free up more counter space and turn your coffee cups into decorative elements with the SoCal Buttercup Coffee Mug Rack for wall storage. This stylish yet minimalist wall rack for cups boasts a striking wave shape and 3 sturdy hooks. Mounted over your coffee bar, on a wall over your kitchen counter or inside your pantry, it frees up precious shelf space and puts coffee mugs within easy reach for you and your guests. Used alone or in multiples, it is visually appealing and more efficient than a tabletop mug tree.

Sturdy and stunning

The SoCal Buttercup Coffee Mug Wall Rack is made of a single 17” long piece of stainless steel with an overall width of 5”. Rustproof and powder-coated for aesthetic appeal, it reliably holds standard and oversized mugs. Hooks are generously spaced to prevent damage to cups, and pre-drilled and counter-sunk mounting holes allow for seamless installation. This versatile coffee cup holder can be installed horizontally, vertically along a narrow wall space, or diagonally alone. Use just 1 for a studio apartment or position several end-to-end or in rows to accommodate a large family or office.

Home, office and more

With its neutral black finish and slim profile, the SoCal Buttercup Mug Rack complements your coffee bar accessories and can be used in any residential or professional setting. It also makes a thoughtful wedding gift for coffee lovers and an indispensable dorm room or apartment essential.

Create a new focal point in your kitchen. Add the SoCal Buttercup Coffee Cup Rack to your home storage solutions today.


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